Our Teams

In our Cambridge office you’ll find our Customer service and Technical support teams, half of our Software development team and the core of our Education services team. Newcastle is the home for the other half of our software team, and the rest of our Education services team is spread nationwide so we have a consultant near every school. We magic-away the geographical separation using the latest teamworking technology to act as a single team working to a common purpose.

Jonathan Brenchley
Jonathan Brenchley
Founder, Managing Director

Jonathan set up the company in 2000 and has loved seeing it grow into what it is today. He believes that internal investment, continuous improvement, having a clear focus, and most importantly listening to his staff and customers, are the keys to our success.

Jonathan has worked in every one of our teams as we’ve grown, including several years spent visiting schools to deliver GO 4 Schools presentations and training. He knows what a difference GO 4 Schools makes, and is especially excited about delivering the Management Information System functionality so many schools have been asking for.

Jonathan first came to Cambridge as a graduate in physics, and worked as Prof. Stephen Hawking’s Graduate Assistant. Born and raised in the North East, though, he’s proud to have opened a second office there. But more than that, he’s proud to be working with such a brilliant team, delivering a service that really makes a difference to people.

James Cobbe
James Cobbe
Director of Software development

James is a firm believer in collaboration. As our Director of Software development, he takes pride in working closely with clients and his team. He helps GO 4 Schools reach its full potential by helping his team reach their full potential.

With nearly two decades of experience and a long list of successes, designing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are what he loves most. Right now, he’s particularly excited about the new look we’ve been developing for GO 4 Schools. As the son of two teachers, and the brother and husband of two others, it might not come as a surprise how keen he is to start sharing it.

Andrea Whiting
Andrea Whiting
Director of Education services

Andrea has 24 years experience of working in schools. She continues learn and gain experience from working at a national level with a wide range of schools to have a clear view of their requirements and the changing landscape of education policies. She is an advocate for collaboration in education, which led to the formation of our Hub schools network, enabling experts based in schools to share excellent practise and to work together regionally with our education consultants.

The knowledge she shares comes from her 24 years in Education, as well as everything she continues to gain from working with and listening to a wide range of schools to have a clear view of their aims, context, and the changing landscape of Education.

Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant
Technical support Manager

Tom has several years as a ‘black-belt’ school data manager to draw on, both before and after his school adopted GO 4 Schools. He saw first-hand the impact it had: no more spreadsheets in the small hours for him. Instead, staff had the data they needed at their fingertips – 24/7. He loved it so much he joined the company and is here to help you with both technical and educational queries.

He’ll always give a full and honest answer to your queries, and if GO 4 Schools can’t do something directly he’ll try to think of a workaround for you. Because he spends so much time talking to and helping customers, he is a great source of suggestions for small improvements and tweaks we can make to keep improving the system. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of school data, how schools operate and what schools need has helped make our support team second to none.

Originally from Chicago, Tom loves his NFL and NHL and the outdoor life.

Chris Ramsdale
Chris Ramsdale
Business Manager

Chris has a good head for figures. For 30 years he led the Customer service teams for a major high street bank, managing individual client accounts as well as large, national corporate ones. As our business manager, he now oversees the smooth operation of all admin, financial, recruitment, and client-relationship tasks, ensuring you get the support you expect.

The pride Chris takes in making a difference in people’s lives is more than a professional interest. In July 2012, he was awarded the opportunity to run the Olympic Torch down Newmarket High Street in recognition for the work he’d done in the local community.

Education services

Our Education services team is passionate about education. Most of them have spent years in senior positions in schools and they each bring a broad range of experience, understanding, and context. Visiting our customers in schools ensures the team builds a secure relationship. Their priority is you and they listen, so they understand the context of your school, how GO 4 Schools can help you, and how best to tailor your training. They keep in touch throughout your journey with 'health checks' and 'drop-ins' to help you fine-tune your setup as the landscape changes. Crucially, for you and us, they bring back ideas about how we can adapt and extend GO 4 Schools to help you even more.

Software developers

Our Development team are the problem-solvers, the creators, the people who design, develop, test and maintain GO 4 Schools. In other words, they’re the ones who turn your needs into realities. To do so, they use the latest tools and technologies, such as ASP.Net, .Net Framework/Core, C#, Azure, and more. But it’s not all about the technology - it’s the people more than anything else. They’re creative, fun, and relaxed, they have a strong, collaborative work ethic, and are focused on understanding your needs. This is what motivates them to continue making GO 4 Schools easier to use, faster, more powerful and more reliable.

Technical support

Our Support Analysts are the team that will help you with your technical queries. Not only do they understand the software, they understand how you use it. You’ll speak to them on the phone and via support tickets as they help you with any questions you might have about your setup. They also look for changing patterns of use and feed into our Software development priorities - they will contact you pro-actively if we’ve added a feature that they know will benefit you. They help you keep GO 4 Schools running smoothly in your school.

Customer services

Our Customer service team guides you through your entire GO 4 Schools experience. The team members get to know their schools inside out, and one of them will be your long-term point of contact with us. Their focus is you and making everything on your GO 4 Schools journey as smooth as possible for you. They liaise with the Education services and Technical support teams on your behalf to arrange presentations, training, drop-ins, health-check phone calls, etc. They are always looking for new ways to help you.